Cylencer Insures This Is His Year With “It’s 2020”

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 22, 2020 – Hailing from the suburbs of Philly is an up and coming hip hop artist by the name of Cylencer. With a dozen singles to his name, he plans on continuing to spread his talents with this latest single, “It’s 2020.”

“It’s 2020” is a fresh new hip hop track that follows a cascade of 2019 releases from Cylencer. His unique approach to everything he does shines through the masses of other rappers trying to make their way to the top. From “Who’s That?” to “Half Snake, Half Scorpion” to “It’s 2020,” Cylencer is always operating at 110%.

Which comes to the surprise of no one who knows him. Finding his passion for music as a teenager, Cylencer quickly turned all of his attention towards that and hasn’t looked back since. Handling his business for a few years now, 2019 was his official breakout as he released 11 singles throughout, and is kicking off another steady run this year with his newest release.

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Cylencer declares this as his year with new single “It’s 2020,” available now.

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