Dayan Kai’s Mesmerizing Single ‘Losing Our Way’ Tenderly Summons Our Spirits and Calls Us to Look Within

Dayan Kai’s Mesmerizing Single ‘Losing Our Way’ Tenderly Summons Our Spirits and Calls Us to Look Within

Evoking joy and elevating our global community, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dayan Kai’s compelling new single evokes a lush and spacious world that propels us to reflect on what is truly important, before it’s too late.

Haiku, Hawaii – September 2th, 2021- Dayan Kai’s vibrant, Hawaiian-influenced acoustic journey features his vocals as well as his brilliant fluidity on the piano, organ, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, and trumpet as he urges us towards compassion and reflection. He is joined by Jimmy Dillon on the Gryphon 12-string guitar. The song is available at and major digital retailers. You can view the beautiful lyric video at

Warm vocals accentuated with impeccable harmonies weave over a nostalgic acoustic backdrop as he juxtaposes the beauty of nature with our current reality. The verses emphasize the splendor of nature “Light come down from the mountain – Don’t you want to go – Water sweet from the fountain – Listen to it flow” and alternate with the impeding chorus, “We’re losing our way – The game that we’re playing with our lives.”

Hailed as a dazzling multi-instrumentalist and one of the most complete and talented musicians one can imagine, Dayan Kai is an outstanding vocalist and a poignant songwriter who knows how to heal with his compositions. His soulful genius transcends boundaries of the status quo—Dayan Kai has arrived, and he is here to stay.

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Born blind on the island of Maui, Dayan Kai’s family moved to California when he was a small child so he could attend public school. Dayan spent most of his childhood in the Monterey Bay area of Central California, with regular trips back to Hawaii to be with his grandmother Paulina, who got him started with piano and figured out he had perfect pitch. His music career spans his lifetime and a bounty of musical genres. Hailed as a versatile genius, his skills in the music world are more diverse than any musician popular in the mainstream. Being well versed in a staggering array of musical traditions and cultures whilst simultaneously possessing the prowess to play almost every type of instrument gives Dayan Kai the creative freedom he so cleverly exploits in order to make his music stand out. His latest single, ‘Losing Our Way,’ is a testament to his talents.

Name: Dayan Kai
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 808-856-5078