Debut Artist Wows Lacing Music with Unfiltered Love of Parents and God: Sunny Roses to Release New Album

Music brimming with admiration for those who put in an effort into nurturing us in our everyday lives, the new album by Sunny Roses is a love letter to all the mothers around the world.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – August 23rd, 2021 – With a deep respect for God, and all his creatures, Sunny Roses is an artist with a calling from God that she has set out to fulfil. Driven by a love of everything around her, the music of Sunny Roses provides relaxation for all listeners that come across her, sedating them with her smooth voice and gentle beats. Knowing the faults and tragedies befalling our world, Sunny Roses seek to give parents, and specifically mothers some much-needed relaxation in their busy lives. The core of her music goes out to mothers that have had to face the world by themselves. Sunny Roses is an artist who knows her audience and caters the music to them, with soulful beats sure to get to the heart of any mother.

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Always having a passion for singing, Sunny Roses has been an amateur singer for most of her life, dabbling in the art from time to time. Her tryst with music would only get formalized with her new album, one that she dedicated her craft to. Seeking to craft an experience that would soothe the hearts and minds of the countless who are suffering around the world. Her empathic voice leads to a special cadence to her voice that truly makes her music unique and one for the ages.

Name: Sunny Roses
Email: [email protected]