Delivering Powerful Emotions through Refreshing Indie and Alternative: The Disruptors Set to Inspire with New Album

Aptly titled, “The Virus Sessions”, The Disruptors’ newest album is a stirring blend of rhythms, tunes, and lyricism, delivered in a unique yet passionate way

Brookline, MA — March 16th, 2022 – From Indie Pop to Alternative Rock, The Disruptors are true icons when it comes to capturing the dynamism, breadth and scope of music. With the release of their debut album, ‘The Virus Sessions’ on February 12th, 2022, the eclectic group put on show a seasoned aesthetic, both unique and memorable.

Traversing diverse genres with ease in their characteristic fashion, The Disruptors’ new album features the songwriting skills of Kenny Weill, who penned lyrics for all the singles on the album, which feature the musical talents of up-and-coming powerhouse, Brad Young.

‘The Virus Sessions’ was recorded, mixed and mastered at BKY Studio in Needham, Massachusetts. Listeners of The Disruptors’ music are bound to be struck by the lyrics on the tracks and bedazzled by the intricate ways the group delivers impactful and powerful messages about themes such as society and relationships.

Exuding a range of diverse emotions across the spectrum, from poignancy, remorse, frustration, and dark thoughts to hope, optimism, and the beauty in ebullience, The Disruptors are a complete package. Listeners of their music will relate to tracks such as “Restless Wind” and “Boy Inside the Man”, which imbue listeners with an element of hope and assurance. Meanwhile tracks such as “Give It to Me Straight” present straight verses that have an indie feel and are underscored by a Classic Rock chorus.

“We tried to create 10 songs that were varied in style, not tied to one genre. “Bad Friend” is Blues Rock, “Molt” has a bit of a heavier rock influence, shades of the ’80’s in “King of the Push-Away”, classical influence in “Lookin-Down”, and so on,” says the band.

‘The Virus Sessions’ provides listeners with an intriguing and dynamic set of singles that truly reflect the artist’s musical character and rhythmic ethos, sending them deep within the chasms of emotions.

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Based in Boston, Massachusetts, The Disruptors are a rising musical act who represent a movement within the music industry that melds together a range of diverse and magnetizing genres. From Indie Pop to alternative rock to bits of Blues, the promising musical collective pierces hearts, minds, and souls with their rich and immersive lyricism.

Touching upon topics that are at once social, political and personal, The Disruptors echo a unique new wave in music. The band was formed in 2019 by Kenny Weill, who writes the songs and is lead vocalist. Kenny Weill also composes the band’s songs, alongside contemporary Brad Young, who is featured lead guitarist and on keys.

Young’s production company, BKY Studio, mixes and masters Kenny’s tracks. Kenny and Brad enjoy bringing other artists into the studio to collaborate on their tracks, and only recently, under the banner of The Disruptors, dropped their debut album, ‘The Virus Sessions’.


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