Merging Inspirational Pop with Melodic Lyrics – George Beilin’s Creative Works Push the Boundaries of Empathy and Spirit

As a clinical psychologist turned composer and lyricist, the empathetic depth that George Beilin brings to his craft remains unrivalled.

South Hamilton, MA — George Beilin is an up and coming composer and lyricist who was born and raised in NYC. He is a clinical psychologist turned songwriter who began his musical career only several years ago at the outbreak of the COVID pandemic. Aspiring to rival his music and talents to those of Rodgers and Hart, Hammerstein, Cole Porter, Bernstein, and Irving Berlin, George Beilin is on a quest to create music that is as riveting as empathetic. His latest single, titled ‘I Am With You’, pushes the boundaries of spirituality and empathy, which is quite unprecedented for pop artists in this day and age.

George Beilin aspires to provide an inspirational angle to his heritage, growing up as a conservative Jew in New York City. His profession as a clinical psychologist has allowed him the excellent ability to empathise with the listener’s desires, thoughts, feelings, and actions, giving him a lens from which he can have an extensive understanding of the human condition via training and provision of treatment.

What makes ‘I Am With You’, and the rest of his discography unique is the sheer relatability his listeners feel while listening to his poignant lyricism. George Beilin considers himself to be an adult ‘August Rush’, with melodies easily coming to his ears, that he elevates with empathetic lyrics. He has three incredible singers who have recorded many of his songs in the past – Valeria Garcia and Manuel Patrick Moriel, both from Spain, and James Turner, from Boston, Massachusetts.

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George Beilin was born and raised in New York City. Growing up, he embraced the profession of a clinical psychologist, however he began delving into music at the onset of the pandemic, which led to him falling in love with the art and subsequently turning him into a composer and lyricist.

He feels very fortunate to have found three great singers to sing his songs, and is also very grateful for new technological advances using music composition applications, such as Crescedo, and Notion 6.

He also feel very blessed to be possibly related to the legendary Irving Berlin, who may have been first cousins with his paternal grand father. Providing his lyrical brilliance in both English and Latin, George Beilin is pushing the boundaries of what the prevalent perspective is about pop music, and he is elevating it to take on a more spiritual angle. Inspired thoroughly by his mother, who was an exceptional Jewish artist and a graduate of Pratt, and his father who played the violin, the mandolin, and the harmonica, who was also gifted with a wonderful voice, George Beilin has unveiled over 80 songs in just two years, and there are no signs of him stopping any time soon!


The Music Compositions of George Beilin
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