Developing Healing and Kindling Hope Through the Universality of Rock – Noir Dream’s 6-Track EP ‘Within’ Set to Inspire

Nurturing kindness, empathy, and healing through his inimitable and characteristic tracks, Noir Dream’s new record ‘Within’ is disrupting the Rock scene

Woodland, WA — In stark contrast with the discordant and soulless music of today, Noir Dream is crafting musical compositions that bring back meaning to Rock. Weaving together heartfelt, moving, and important stories within his tracks, the eclectic singer-songwriter hopes to amaze listeners with his imaginative appeal.

On the course to become a formidable hitmaker with their new release, Noir Dream has already started causing ripples in the Rock stream. The artist’s compelling tracks such as “Perception Deception” and “Goodbye Daylight” have raked in over 26K streams on Spotify alone, with numbers continuously increasing!

Bringing their own distinct voice and perspective to the fast-paced, flowing, and striking world of Rock, Noir Dream’s singles have a life of their own. Tracks such as “Alone with Thoughts” provoke audiences to question their own inhibitions as they relate to the artist’s smooth and sublime songwriting style. Similarly, singles such as “Wait Anymore” draw listeners into a chasm of emotions- vibrant, enlivening, and full of life.

Always at the forefront of catalyzing change within society and supporting the often-challenging process of healing amidst communities, Noir Dream has collaborated with Album

They continues to support in their suicide prevention and mental health resource awareness campaigns. Providing and ignite healing through music is a mantra that Noir Dream holds close to their heart, and this newest EP remains situated within this powerful context.

Receiving counseling awakened Will and Jared to whom they are and this work they do with and “This is our life purpose, to use and find and promote and create music that lifts the hands that hang down. To cheer the broken and mend their hearts. Music is a universal language that unites us as one human race. We are here to bring hope, healing, education and understanding,” they say.

“We hope to return to simplicity and away from the noise of so much of what is considered music today and promote healing through music. Share to promote healing through music!” says the artist regarding their music.

Stream Noir Dream’s new EP, “Within” on Spotify and other official music streaming platforms. Follow the artist’s journey with music on social media and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations. Share and join these artist’s efforts to support mental health awareness and healing for all!



Noir Dream consists of skilled singer-songwriter artists who remain motivated to cast a dent in the Rock industry with their powerful, passionate, and momentous music. Using expressive imagery and songwriting to complement their craft, Noir Dream is driven to ignite the spirit of healing, hope, and empathy within the hearts and minds of every person. By using their talents for the greater good, the artists aim to give back to life, society, and the vulnerable individuals who need healing the most.


Noir Dream
Name: Noir Dream
Address: 631 Butte Hill Road, Woodland, WA
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