Did You Think Punk Rock Was Dead? The Ratigans Are Back with An Album to Make Rock Punk an Alive Genre Again and To Give Out the Message to Their Fans That Rock Punk Is as Alive as It Ever Was.

The group of three friends who love making and playing music is back with another album. Their work is inspired by oldies and pop-punk, making their music one of a kind and truly unique.

Sandwich, Illinois  – May 14, 2021 – The Ratigans is a band that consists of three friends that write and perform music together. They share a common passion and interest for music and hence bring music that blasts the punk rock genre with a bang. The band released an album called “Another year wasted” in April 2019. All music was written and performed by The Ratigans themselves. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesse Clampitt in Dekalb, Illinois.

The Ratigans are inspired by Oldies and Beer for the production of their music. The band takes pride in itself for keeping the punk rock category alive with their music. The band likes the legacy that was left behind by the musicians in the past who produced punk rock music and aims to follow their lead as an inspiration. They want to work on reviving the category of Punk Rock and want to produce music that appeals to the audience and to their listeners and reminds them that Punk Rock is not dead.

The Ratigans are currently working on their second album which will be recorded soon in the near future. They have been busy writing music for this album and expect the album to be out soon.

If you are a punk rock fan, do not hesitate for a second and check out The Ratigans on their website and their social media. The Ratigans will not disappoint you.





The band consists of three friends who like to play music. They have been together as a band for five years and have been playing local shows in the Chicago land area together. The band is inspired by oldies and pop-punk; their shows are a blast, full of energy and enthusiasm.



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