Sacred Medicine Musicians Release A New Album

Emotive music that will transform the listener

Ventura, California – May 14th, 2021 – Artists Ena Vie and Howard Lipp have released a new album titled ‘Sono Ceremonia.’ Hypnotic, evocative, and melodic, this album stems from the personal connection the two artists have with music and medicine. Deeply emotional and resonant, ‘Sono Ceremonia’ – is a guided ceremony for the listener, leading them to an altered state of being, invoking presence and healing for positive internal change.

Ena Vie and Howard Lipp embarked on their journey of being sacred musicians at a young age. Both share the experience of being raised in deeply religious families – something that they walked away from to pursue uncharted paths that challenged their belief systems. Through working with indigenous elders, plant medicine, recovery, and presence, Ena and Howard continue to awaken from their childhood and cultural conditioning.

The power of music as a source of healing is well understood by the two, and they have woven it throughout their new album. As sacred musicians, Ena and Howard are experienced ceremonialists and entheogenic explorers in service to love and life. The two have extensive experience harnessing sound and resonance through their music to direct it to the heart of the listener for transformation. Having a lifetime of experience in traditional, alternative, indigenous, spiritual, and secular musical paths, Ena and Howard infuse these varied streams with the sounds of nature to create a ceremonial experience. This unique blend of sounds opens the listener to their own authentic nature as an invitation to heal the mind, body, and spirit of those who join them on this journey.

Ena and Howard’s path as sacred musicians has come to a culmination with the album ‘Sono Ceremonia.’ Deeply meditative, moving, and celebratory at the same time, this release is a blend of the work the two artists have done individually and together. Since their childhood, Ena and Howard have been singing in sacred ceremonies honoring the divine in all life while creating a container of healing and awakening. The maturity and soulfulness of the tracks on this album reveal their devotion to the divine. Immerse yourself in this sacred journey and take a voyage through sound that is transformational, transcendent, otherworldly and unforgettable.


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