Discover The Next Big Thing in Contemporary Hip-Hop and Pop With Driip

The upcoming Florida musician transforms multiple genres to create a sound you have never heard before

Florida – March 22, 2021 – Fluid genres, progressive styles, and introspective compositions, laced with emotionally-rich verses create the sound of Dade County artist Driip.

Vocalist, singer-songwriter, and Alternative artist Driip released his first project DripDrop in 2020, showcasing his multifaceted talent along with his range comprising of multiple musical genres and styles to the world. The young artist revealed his inspiration for his work including his parents, his fans, and every artist that left an imprint on his mind throughout years of his life.

“Growing up I’ve always played sports, but I’ve always had an ear for music. Football didn’t work out after high school and I found myself at a cross road. With time passing me bye day by day I had to pick something and put my all into it. Music was always there, I found myself back at square one,” says Driip. “I was always a fan of all types of music, different genres, artist, producers, instrument players, and much more. I had been fascinated with the music world as I went deeper and began writing my own rhymes in notebooks.”

Driip took the bold step to experiment with different genres, creating contemporary sounds that highlight classic elements of genres such as Hip-Hop and Pop, with added skillful and rhythmic complexities of other genres. His talent is powerful and refreshing, and his music takes you on a journey down a path you have never visited before, seeming so similar yet completely new.

Driip hopes give his listeners a taste of timeless music that hits your heart and soul on different levels, and that you can carry with you regardless of your present or history. He believes that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard, and we all have stories to share that inspire others to achieve for what they believe in. He plans to write and release more music that draws attention towards his message, his story, and the world he believes in.

‘DripDrop’ is now available all major free streaming platforms, with tracks you should look forward to including “Blue Sea” written by Joshua Passmore, “Party” featuring Moneydeeblo, and “Private Island” featuring Stavo.

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Driip is an artist and singer-songwriter from Dade County, Florida. Growing up, he dedicated his life to sports throughout high school, and yet he knew there was something missing. Music was a huge part of Driip’s life, and It transformed into his purpose after he graduated. Working a stable job, Driip dedicates his free time to writing and producing more music, constantly drawing inspirations from stories around the world. He silently observes his peers, his fans, and his own life, creating a method of storytelling through his lyrics unlike any other.
Driip’s sound covers an exhilarating combination of alternative and harmonically-rich Pop and Hip-Hop, along with hypnotic renditions of other genres that develop his discography into highly indulgent art for his listeners.




Name: Driip
Email: [email protected]