Downie Streahl – I’m Alright

Downie Streahl – I’m Alright


Downie Streahl’s “I’m Alright”, was a song turned single off her latest of newest material from an album called “Are You Ready”. An album that saw a New Years release, just this year back in January. With that of course the song turned single became quite the successor for the up and comer. It brought out the genres to that of country, pop, pop rock, please some popularity in the form of adult contemporary.

So you know that the track must be that good right? Right? Well of course yes it is right. “I’m Alright”, is another song turned hit for the artist. Her vocal chords, instrumental work used throughout the song is all done in tip top shape and fashion. Everything working together in favor of the song in question. It is like if her vocal chords did not sway away from the music but be there in full force. Like if they were front and center even. Her voice sounding clear, focused, and really addresses the music at hand here.

As far as the instrumentals done throughout this track, they are there, sounding decent as ever. In other words, guitars, drums, and bass structure sound put together to the ear. The music is very at ease, laid back if you will, sounds really of a stand still effort, that makes the music more easy listening material. Not really sure how else to place this music or it’s artist really. It just all works well with one another, like people holding hands if you will. You get that grip then never let go of it. That is what Downie Streahl’s music does, it grips onto the listener at hand, embracing you with such feeling of emotion that it moves the music easily.

“I’m Alright”, as a song is one of the most laid back tracks you could possibly get when it comes to music. Unlike the other material she has released before this one came along, her other material is more out there, stands out more so than how this track is doing. This track is good for what it is, vocals work well with the instrumentals done by the band with the guitars, drums, and bass, playing outward, it all works as best as it can. The song is purely entertaining to say the least. That is as much that can be said here really for this song.

You can only say so much for something before it feels dragged on for far too long if you know what I mean here. Downie Streahl as an artist though is she has class, she has got the style, her vocal work is superb if not flawless or effortless. Meaning that she is good, at what she does as an artist. She may be one of those up and comers that you may have heard before or may have not heard at all, but it just makes her more fun and outgoing.


Joshua Beach