Omid Master – Only You

Omid Master – Only You


Down under, the expression used for those who may have never set foot in of all places Australia. Which is why we are now discussing an Australian singer and song writer called Omid Master. Yes that is this artist’s name, you don’t hear your average Joe’s name of said person using their real everyday name. This artist actually went forth and made up a namesake for his solo offerings which is why he is called Omid Master. Now why he has the word “master” in his name who knows. But perhaps he will be the only master we look up too after discussing his latest and newest efforts “Only You”.

An EP consisting of 2-tracks one being the title track “Only You’, while the other is called “When I Close My Eyes”. Yep that’s all you get is these 2-tracks off this EP release. How do the two play out in the long run. Well as said, Omid Master is a singer and song writer but the genre option he chose was not just one genre but a trip of sorts, that consists of rock, pop, and adult contemporary or AC for short. Yes adult contemporary for those who were not in the know basically means the more popular acts in existence within the music scene. Hence why we have Omid Master? Yes guess that is why so in any case we have his EP “Only You” with those 2-tracks that take those genres listed to get something that sounds nice.

His style choices brings out similar styling’s to that of such acts as female artist Hannah Vandie, with even some bands one called Palais and another called Benny and The Clones. Hearing their music, even though one is a female and the others males, does have quite a similar focus between them and Omid Master. Those acts and his style bring out that pop rock AC feel. There is an uproar of energy, catchiness, with an upbeat tone that keeps the music moving forward instead of backward. Meaning that instead of rewinding the music, that it can be heard in a twisted manner, you can listen to it straight through without needing to fast forward said piece of work.

So there you have it, a solo artist by the name of Omid Master, bringing out his source material to that of pop, rock, and adult contemporary to works out really well. His style is in similar fashion to the acts mentioned before, except the way he expresses himself is done more settle. Like “Only You”, and “When I Close My Eyes”, expresses his imagination more, allowing for the music to expose itself more so than it is. Like the music just sounds more creative and interesting to the ear. It is more upbeat and has a catchier effect of tone going for it.

Omid Master may be a solo piece of work, but he makes it work, letting it last into a never ending exposure of material. He can take his imagination of creativity ever so further, who knows where he can go with it. Only what he has built so far, is found upon this EP release that can only be called “Only You”.


Natalie Perez