Blister – No Good Deeds

Blister – No Good Deeds


If The Ramones, The Stooges, and Green Day, all had a threesome that lead to an all male pregnancy; then it would become the band of the next generation, called Blister straight out of North Carolina. Blister has released an album they like to call “No Good Deeds”, consisting of 19-tracks running almost at about 60 minutes in time length, this is one that will rock your socks off. So much so in fact that this album was written, recorded, in such an extensive amount of time, with such a back story it is hard to take it all in.

But here is a short version write up of what all happened. “1 girl, 2 guys, 3 chords, blood, sweat, and feedback” was the motto of Blister, it still lives on to this day. Which brings us to their bassist/vocalist Natasha Fatale, who had fallen ill, later passing on with her life, onto the next life. But during her time here she spent countless hours, writing, recording, as well as performing showcases, doing everything to get this album “No Good Deeds”, out and about for all to hear. When it was time for this album to see its release Natasha had passed not able to hear the finalized product, she and her band mates worked so hard on. She may be gone but her band mates as hard as it was to do moved on to get this album out there. Which is why we are here now.

“No Good Deeds”, is an extensive amount of work. Put in with tons of effort, time, and passion, so much in fact that real bodily fluids of blood, sweat, and tears from the band were layered atop every compact disc. No not literally but in an expression stand point then yes. In any case though, this album pulls in at around almost 60 minutes with 19-tracks of material that will get your feet tapping with head bobbing. That said the album brings out such tracks as “Yellow Tinted Vegan Girl”, “Happy Happy Birthday”, “iClone”, “Your World”, “You’re So Lovely”, “Sacred Crow”, with just a few more that includes “Relapse”, and “Goodbye Darling”.

All of which sound very garage band based. Not the video game but their material sounds like it could be heard by a live band in an actual garage type of sense. Having the added genres of punk rock, rock n’ roll with some elements of metal all tossed into the blender. That is what you are going to get when listening to “No Good Deeds”. You get that wave of these genres, with such energy, passion, and momentum, that it withstands the moments of other punk rock acts around today.

Not quite sure if any of that just made sense or not but it is what it is really. Blister has built themselves a genre pool, that they are comfortable with. While one of their band mates has passed on, this band has moved on, expressing themselves through this album, built on such emotion it has no other meaning to it than it rocks.


Nathan Diaz