Drummer/Singer Peter Barr Keeps on Evolving

Brooklyn, New York USA — August 19th, 2021 — Peter Barr’s “Before All The Trouble” brings the beach to your ears and leaves you with the nostalgia of a time we all once knew.

The Berklee College of Music graduate moved from the drummer to frontman role this year after playing Covid friendly gigs from NYC to New Orleans, with stops in Chicago, Atlanta, wiTh many stops in between.

“Barr creates spellbinding rhythmic cycles whose patterns change subtly,  accelerating the pulse dynamically and complementing the action “.
– Nicole Villaneuve, BACKSTAGE (Jun 08, 2011)

“Before All The Trouble” is a summer anthem balancing optimism, reflection, and fleeting romance with plenty of grooves to keep toes tapping and fingers snapping.

His latest single for 2021 is a culmination of his experience in the Jazz, Caribbean and Indie scenes. Music royalty and Guitarist Paul Beaubrun (Zing Experience) conveys a tasteful and sparse lead guitar lick, matching a better time reported in the song as “Before all the trouble began”.

The song weaves highlife style guitar over a catchy and punchy Bass line played by Al Macdowell, Ornette Coleman’s Bass player since 1974.

A sought after Percussionist across many styles and genres, he’s performed with Ornette Coleman and was courted by Arcade Fire’s Winn Butler to play snare drum for his Krewe Du Kanaval and Drums for his DJ Windows 98 Projects. Adding a top-charting world music record to his discography you can hear him Drumming with Paul Beaubrun and Zing Experience on their April 2020 Release “Rasanbleman” which incorporated many guest artists from Haiti including  DJ Michael Brun, Gardy Giralt, Mikaben, and Jean Case (Michael Buble).

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Learning his first chops with Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick, Barr went on to study at Berklee College of Music where he honed in on his skills as a Drummer, Steel Pan Player, and Singer.


Peter Barr
Peter D Barr
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