Quavel Delivers Latin Pop Realness With “Fuiste Mía” 


New Single Available Now 


Jerusalem, Israel – June 23, 2020 – Having done some 7,500 performances over the past three decades, Quavel is a force in the music industry but it was something that almost didn’t happen. As a kid, Quavel dreamed of being a famous musician but his dad told him to stop dreaming about such nonsense. He spent his 30’s 12,000 miles from home in Key West, Florida. There he was engulfed in Latin music and had finally found a sense of peace doing what he loved. While there he produced almost 800 records, but when reality set in – he stepped away to start and raise a family. Today, he’s a grandfather of 14 and ready to pick things back up again with a cascade of new music including his latest single, “Fuiste Mía.” 

While Quavel is a one-man band, he has spent his career working with musicians from around the world to various degrees. Not fluent in Spanish, but a lover of the language, he’s worked with translators and singers to bring his Latin pop to life; songs like “El Mensaje” and “Fuiste Mía.” The latter is his latest single in 2020, his fourth this year. It tells the tale of a man who is hurt after witnessing the girl who had his heart flirting with another. Quavel has more music coming in 2020, including “Insomnia,” a song that will tell the tale of a woman who’s sensuality keeps a boy up all night. 

With over 10,000 monthly listeners and growing, Quavel is proving that no matter what life throws at you you can always strive for your dreams in life. 

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