Embrace Rich and Dynamic 70’s Rock Vibes: Rising Musical Act Don Sprik & Freewheelin Set to Soar with New Single

Take a trip back to the nostalgic golden era of Rock, as you lose yourselves in the richness and sheer brilliance of Don Sprik & Freewheelin’s stirring new release, titled “You’re the One”.

Lake City, Michigan – June 23rd, 2021 – Altering the face of Rock music, budding musical collective, Don Sprik & Freewheelin are driven for success, with their electric new releases. Instilling within people the thirst to be the best version of one’s own self, the band is stressing upon unwinding and taking things easy, with their newest Rock single.

Aptly titled “You’re the One”, the group imbues listeners with an authentic feel-good vibe, while reinforcing the notion that one must always take things one at a time, without being overburdened by the weight of the world. A fun and exciting mix, the single was released through CDBaby Distro in June 2021, and exudes a thrilling and positive outlook. Curated specifically for those who understand and vibe along to the 70’s Rock flavors, “You’re the One” highlights the need to always know who you are, know what you want and work towards goals, but also have a good time.

The talented band are now looking forward to developing a small catalogue of singles with music videos over the next short term and are also aiming to rehearse the show and put them out for listeners. They remain motivated by the goal to have fun, while staying true to the roots and rhythms that form Don Sprik & Freewheelin.

“It’s about being respectful yet tenacious with desires, while not taking oneself too serious. So let us dance a little,” say Don Sprik & Freewheelin regarding their new release.

Check out Don Sprik & Freewheelin’s new single “You’re the One” as well as the band’s previous releases on their website. For interviews, reviews and/or other business inquires, feel free to contact them through email.




DON SPRIK & FREEWHEELIN is a four-piece reunion band, getting back together after 40 years of hiatus, hailing from Michigan. The band features Don Sprik on lead vocals and guitar, Jimmy Warren on lead guitar and vocals, Jon Jarecki on bass and vocals and Al Arkesteyn on drums and percussion.

Al has played and recorded with Don over the years in various line ups, and the members all remained in touch with each other, before deciding it was the right time to get the band back together. With their authentic Roadhouse Blues and Rock infused compositions, Don Sprik & Freewheelin exude a rich 70s vibe. The band’s stellar discography includes singles, “Freewheelin” and “Ain’t It a Beautiful Day”, which they released earlier this year, as well as Don Sprik’s independent records, “Sprik”, “Overgrown Kid” and “Nighttime Businessman”. A powerhouse in Rock, the band is currently looking forward to interviews and reviews of their new single, “You’re the One”.



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