Weaving Connections with Pop: TikTok Sensation William Honea Amazes with New Single “Warzone”

Already boasting 1.2 million followers on Tiktok, rising singer and song writer, William Honea is driven to enthrall and immerse listeners into his dynamic Pop music, while forging connections through relatable narratives.

Austin, Texas – June 24th, 2021 – Passionate and driven, 19-year-old singer and song writer, William Honea is on the right track towards making his mark, in the rich and riveting world of Pop. Having undergone a series of life-altering events, including the heartrending loss of his father at the age of 14, the inspirational artist is ready to illuminate the many stories he has to offer.

With the release of his stunning new single, titled “Warzone” on June 8th, 2021, William Honea envelops listeners with a range of mixed emotions, and rich and sensory songwriting and lyricism. Written with Vincent Chiodo, his manager and co-writer, and co-writer, Jacolby Johnson, “Warzone” offers a unique musical mix. Dominated by catchy hooks and relatable lyricism, the new single offers a fresh new air in the genre, crafted by William Honea’s diverse musical style and abilities. With an aim to reach as many people as possible and build the foundations of a strong and successful career, he aims to make an impact, touching hearts and minds.

More than anything, the talented powerhouse remains motivated by his fans and social media support, having a massive 1.2 million followers on TikTok alone. “Warzone” represents just the first step towards his eventual goal of garnering 10 Platinum records and an Album of the Year award.

“My first single titled “War Zone” is a song for everyone, and touches a bit on my life, and is relatable to everyone trying to find peace in their life,” says William Honea regarding his new single.
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William Honea is a rising singer and song writer, hailing from Austin, Texas. Born on August 11th, 2001, the eclectic artist was always moved by the power of music and has spent much of his life singing in studio settings, before formally pursuing a professional career in 2020. Having faced several obstacles in life, including the loss of his father when he was 14 to police violence, William Honea beautifully paints relatable stories through music. A family man, the budding singer enjoys the outdoors, travel, golf, and making music.

Already hosting a large following on social media, working his way towards 100,000 followers on Instagram, William Honea is driven to evolve, grow, and stun the world with his own musical brilliance. Inspired mainly by his own life stories and the troubles he endured at a young age, William intends to continue his musical journey, releasing a string of singles in the next 2-3 months, before releasing his stunning full-length album.



Name: Vinny Chiodo
Email: [email protected]



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