Embrace the Crossroads of Stirring Classic and Contemporary Indie Folk Styles: Rising Artist Miller Mountain Music Unveils New Anthem “Get Up, Get Out”.

Highlighting a rich and soul-stirring mix through diverse and soulful storytelling styles, rising indie artist Miller Mountain Music is on the right track towards success, soaring onward and upward with memorable instrumentation and vocal prowess.

Eagle, Colorado – July 19th,2021 – A rising new face in the Folk music scene, eclectic song writer Miller Mountain Music is hopeful to inspire and enliven listeners with his enriching new release. Denoted by piercing song writing, mesmerizing lyricism and stories that are spun from personal life experiences, Miller Mountain Music promises a vibrant and soulful new take on the genre.

With release of new LP “Get Up, Get Out”, the talented powerhouse exhibits masterful craftsmanship in Indie, Americana and Folk flavors, rooted in each single. Powered by the storytelling mastery that Miller Mountain Music conjures with each single, the LP features a peerless vocal prowess and musical harmony.

“Get Up, Get Out” precedes a string of three new singles that have not been recorded yet but will be soon recorded and released for the world. Independently curated, written and recorded by the seasoned solo artist. The LP’s first single, “You Make Me Happy” offers a unique look into the artist’s classic song writing skills and inspirations- rooted within memorable melodies, soulful progressions and relatable lyricism.

“My songs are all written from life experiences. I sing about some of my greatest memories and accomplishments. I wanted the sound of the mandolin and its connection with the mountain feel to be a part of the album as well.” says Miller regarding his new release.

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Having a love and passion for music from a young age, Matthew Miller was always moved by the stirring allure of piano and guitar. This fascination later morphed into an appreciation of song writing, after going through some soul-stirring life experiences.

Being a part of a series of country and rock bands over the years helped evolve and grow Miller’s musical sensibilities, however owing to creative difficulties which rise in a group, he decided to go solo in 2010. Expanding his musical horizons, Mathew Miller began an introspective musical voyage, exploring his own independent talents, styles, and inspirations through the force of music. His latest LP titled “Get Up, Get Out” forms a unique collection of songs written throughout his life, amalgamated with precision, and recorded on one album. Under the refreshing new face of Miller Mountain Music, Matthew Miller has been performing regularly around the greater Colorado area, continually working on crafting new material for upcoming releases.



Name: Matthew Miller
Email Address: [email protected]
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484 E 3rd St
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Eagle, CO 81631
United States



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