Embracing the Rich and Sensory Simplicity of Life through Americana Music: Rising Artist Beau Caline Set to Soar

Back porch musicians who are driven to inspire a wave of positivity and highlight the countless small trinkets of life that make it a beacon of love and tranquility, Beau Caline are growing and set to unveil their stirring new album.

Negreet, Los Angeles – June 7th, 2021 – An up-and-coming musical group, Beau Caline are sending ripples through the musical chambers of Americana music. With an authentic and musically unique character, the band is driven to make a name for themselves with a rich and inspirational message imbued within their lyricism.

Focusing on the simplicity of music and its power in reminding listeners of the many good things we have to thank in life, the empowering group is characterized by a soulful and relaxed musical vibe. Marking the biggest breakthrough in the musical industry with Americana music that is rooted in soul-stirring expression, lyricism and song writing, Beau Caline intend to capture the genre’s spirit with their new musical compositions, having released on May 12th, 2021.

Melding catchy and soulful rhythms, Beau Caline’s music is drawn from the individual perspective of a Louisiana person, with each musical composition contributing to their stellar discography. Adamant that their dynamic musical compositions are all-encompassing and can not be pigeon-holed within any particular genre category, Beau Caline’s music is both soul-stirring and dynamic.

“The goal is to make people forget about their worries for a while and enjoy the music with family and friends,” say Beau Caline regarding their new release.

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A rising new face in the enriching and soulful world of Americana, Beau Caline are a growing and talented sensation. A newly emerging band, Beau Caline are driven by the motto that their music must speak for itself- free from reliance on individuals and personalities. Their stunning compositions are a breath of fresh air and diversity, echoed solely by their sounds and song writing.

Made to be played on different radio platforms, and highlighting the true spirit of Americana, Beau Caline believe that while their distinct styles may not appeal to everyone all the time but will surely become a channel to take some of the stress of today’s lifestyle and put it back in perspective. The group has already penned and planned upcoming albums, along with a whole string of singles that are waiting to be recorded and are looking forward to expanding their vibrant fan base.



Name: Beau Caline
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (337)-396-9448