Emmanuel Chambers is the Real Deal

Emmanuel Chambers has a way with words and also knows his way around a guitar. With vocals that don’t have to be stressed to be great and a knack for songwriting, this guy has a lot more to offer than your average Joe. “Believe in Us!” is a simple track that doesn’t do too much to really make it work. It doesn’t have to. It really relies heavily on the vocals, and they are the key element that make the whole thing poo. Chambers’ natural talent leaves you hanging on every word. The same can and will be said about “Trust Issues.”  In “Number 1 Girl” there’s this acoustic guitar that’s rarely heard in R&B music, and it really transforms the song and makes it stand away from what we’ve heard from him. He had more of this Ed Sheeran thing going on; sweet and sincere singer-songwriter. It seems that wasn’t just a one time thing as we get into “Mystery.” One thing’s for sure, Emmanuel Chambers is a singer with a lot of promise and if you’d like to join him on his journey, make sure to keep tabs on him starting today! (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQr-fw7-llvI8WLkhGrfZow/videos)