Lady Princess: “Turn’t Up for Jesus”

Lady Princess ReviewThe older you get, the more and  more you don’t understand the new lingo. I was quite frazzled when “tight” came into play and that’s when I was still in high school. Today, a decade after graduating there’s “turnt” and I did have to head to Urban Dictionary to really grasp it. That wasn’t the case for the obviously more hip Lady Princess. Her style that fuses her beliefs with urban beats and good time pop has all accumulated in her latest. “Turn’t Up for Jesus.” The song has so much energy that it can give about a pound away and have the power to move people. I feel like this track would be a great way to give kids in a church setting something to gravitate towards. Not kids persay, but the youths of the congregation who aren’t too in tune with the old school ways and want something that sounds like what they’re listening on the radio – but with a positive twist. If you’re a fan of modern Christian music, check out the latest from Lady Princess today. (