Vince Lindley featuring K-TRIK-E “Party Life”

Vince Lindley featuring K-TRIK-E “Party Life”


The one hit wonder idea gets a bad rap.  I’m not saying that fresh new pop artist Vince Lindley is going to end up one, but even if he does…is that really a bad place to be?  Many singers and musicians never even manage to break the charts during lengthy careers, so even managing such a feat once is a much more respectable accomplishment than it is given credit for.

This brings us to Vince Lindley’s debut release, a spicy little number called “Party Life.”  Despite making use of the traditional pop format, Lindley culls influences from dance/house, rap and r & b to create a punchy tune that has “breakthrough” written all over its face.  From the opening bounce create by a rich wall of light electronica, you can tell you’re in for a finely produced track meeting the standards of most major label artists these days.  Bieber could only hope to sound this solid.

With flavors of house exciting the palette, the tune is built on an insistent, mid-tempo beat that will keep a body working once grasped in the music’s power.  Harder techno breakbeats are eschewed for a sensually pumping bass bump that creates rippling undercurrent beneath the elastic, wraparound keyboard melodies.  When it comes to vocals Vince is a talent.  He’s got plenty of lush, captivating soul in his performance with crystalline melody lines that bring a repetition that’s destined to be repeated by a crowd at large.  Back-up vocals are brought to the table by r & b artist K-Trik-E who thunders above the synthetics with some strong call n’ response patterns that will incite elation and intoxication.  In a sea of youthful mainstream, everything feels fresh yet familiar and if MTV’s Total Request Live was still in operation, I can guarantee that this would have been a staple.

“Party Life” could very well take-off if given the proper push and promotion.  During these dark times there is an increased necessity for feel-good tunes that don’t dwell on the world’s overflow of negativity.  Vince Lindley is hopefully writing more songs as we speak, because this just feels like a single that will call for immediate capitalization if it’s given a proper chance of reaching the success it so rightly deserves.  Those hungering for anger and chaos will not be satiated here, but those looking for a sparling, shimmering dance extravaganza have come to the right place.  The song is edgy enough to hook you in and melodic enough to engrave itself to memory.  Very nice and very well-done from start to finish from a young prospect who will hopefully have more to say in the future!

– Montey Zike