Enin Perryman Delivers ‘Love Life & Spirituality’ With Latest Release

New R&B Album Available Now 


Atlanta, Georgia – October 24, 2020 – R&B maestro Enin Perryman brought the heat come the end of the summer in 2020 with the release of his third album ‘Love Life & Spirituality.’ 

It has been three years since Enin Perryman dropped his debut, ‘Point of It All.’ Since then, the R&B artist known for incorporating a heavy dose of soul and gospel into his repertoire has delivered a myriad of singles to the world, as well as two more albums including 2020’s ‘Love Life & Spirituality.’ His latest album features more than a dozen new tracks that do what Perryman has prided himself on, and that is relate to an audience at large. These songs showcase not only his experiences that can be viewed as universal but also touch on the lives of those in, or who have loved ones in, the military. 

Songs like “It’s Your Time” and “Hang On” showcase strength and determination. Two aspects of the human experience that are much needed during a time such as this. A time where there is tension as well as fear from the global pandemic. Speaking of, Perryman also penned a song about the reality of the world with the rightfully titled, “Pandemic.” 

‘Love Life & Spirituality’ is available now but Enin Perryman is also set on re-releasing his 2019 holiday album in November to uplift the spirits during the seasonal months to help those who may find themselves unable to be with loved ones this year. It’s the least he could to lend a helping hand this holiday season. 

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