EP “Running Home” by Jonnie & Joy

EP “Running Home” by Jonnie & Joy’s – the duo’s return to the rock scene

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More than twenty years ago, Jonnie Rockwell and Joy Tolbert were playing with their all-girl rock band Starchild on various scenes – amusement parks, military events and clubs (like Limelight, Trax and Great Gildersleeves). Unfortunately, after a while they grew apart and the music they created together became a thing of the past. Now their paths have crossed again, thanks to their mutual work with the guitarist Justin – the vocals by Joy Tolbert and the backing vocals and keyboards by Jonnie Rockwell are together once more to take you on a musical journey through the past!

Their six track debut EP “Running Home” was produced by the music industry legend Gary Katz, who is known for working with stars like Joe Cocker, Steely Dan, Laura Nyro, Diana Ross and Donald Fagen. The album was recorded in a couple of studios – The Bunker, Alchemy Post Sound and Avatar Studios. The mixing was done by Gary Katz himself, as well as Aaron Nevezie.

If you’re feeling nostalgic or you’re yearning for a way to go back in time, then “Running Home” by Jonnie and Joy is precisely the thing you need. This energetic album will surely help you remember the tiniest details about what the parties in the 80’s felt like!

But enough about the history behind Jonnie and Joy, let’s talk about the music in their EP “Running Home”. The nostalgic trip back to the 80’s begins with “Never Gonna Cry”. This song is an energetic piece that will get you head banging in no time. It reminds me of all those amazing women that made music their life mission, like Stevie Nicks and Alannah Myles. Next song on our playlist is “Lost Soul”. I really love the primal aggression in this track – that special power that the only women performers in the 80’s possessed. The third song on the album is “Running Home” – the piece that the album was named after. This track is without doubt my favorite. The intro’s country sound really makes this song stand out. The riff and melody in the chorus are really catchy and the middle part shows the musical diversity Jonnie & Joy are capable of. “Running Home” reminds me of the early Guns ‘N Roses with a splash of Lita Ford. If you like this kind of music, you’ll need to play this track on repeat for some time!

Before listening to the next song, I realize that I’m halfway through the album – this makes me a bit sad, as I’m just getting submerged in the atmosphere. The lyrical ballad “Can You Hear Me” reflects my thoughts perfectly – Jonnie and Joy, can you hear me – we’re waiting for a longer album! Joke aside; this is one of the most beautiful pieces on the album – the chorus is absolutely heartbreaking. This brings us to “Night Stalker” – another great piece! I want to say that this is the pearl of the album, but the truth is that every song is a pearl in a different way in “Running Home”. “Hold Tight” is the perfect ending of the album. A beautiful piece with a catchy chorus, it will undeniably get stuck in your head. Jonnie & Joy, we’re holding tight, waiting for your next album!

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Christina Vukova