Eric High’s Heartfelt Music Shines at the End of the Tunnel

Eric High’s rich and warm musical compositions are a mix of heart-rending, wistful vibes and music that is bound to be uplifting and warming for anyone who listens to it

Douglasville, GA  – December 18th, 2020- With his upcoming composition titled “The Longest Year”, Eric High portrays the emotions that have been felt collectively by everyone through a long and tough year and produces music that everyone can relate to and be encouraged by. His musical composition is timely and a reminder for people to remember that there is always hope, light, love and encouragement from places they would never expect from. His new CD is encouraging and motivating people to let them know that God cares in the midst of toils and troubles of 2020.

The beautiful, soulful mix was released on October 1st 2020 and all songs have been written and produced by Eric High himself, while sheltered in lockdown in studio using his stunning instrumentation and vocals. Listeners of his music are bound to feel a new wave of hope, positivity and optimism as they blend and immerse themselves in his soulful mixes. Eric High‘s music is unique because of its relevance and relates to current times, in order to relate to his listeners, as it pertains to life, dealing with real issues and problems of the pandemic era. Eric High is motivated and driven by religion and spirituality to encourage his listeners, and is motivated to bring his listeners into the presence of the Lord, as the Scripture says in God‘s presence there is fullness of joy.
In a world that’s filled with discouragement, Eric High’s music is meant to bring joy, bring peace, and motivation. It is Eric’s motivation, inspiration and goal to reach as many listeners as he possibly can, to encourage and uplift in a time where many have lost jobs, or loved ones due to sickness and the ongoing virus. Eric’s characteristic style is resonant of his goal to produce music that is meant for God’s Glory only, and no other ulterior, material goals of this temporary world, rather his music forms a way and method to achieve greatness and happiness for all.





Eric High is a gifted singer, songwriter, psalmist, and an anointed minister of the gospel. As an ordained Elder, over the years, Eric has written and arranged many songs that have excited many gospel music lovers. His portfolio of songs has been a continuous source of new music. As a composer, Eric writes music under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. His style is comprised of both traditional and contemporary elements that appeals to young and old. Whether it’s a melody of praise and worship, or material for a group/choir, Eric’s versatility has captivated the hearts of many gospel music enthusiasts around the country.



Name: Eric High

Email: [email protected]