Fast Rising Toronto Sensation Releases New Dancehall Singles

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Kemar Trepair, aka Trepy is pleased to announce his latest singles have been released. Blending Reggae, Dub, and Urbano musical styling, Trepy is introducing his audience to his unique perspective of the Dancehall genre infused with Pop melodies that appeal to a vast market. This contemporary sound has enabled him to increase his stream and view counts while solidifying a solid fan base within his resident city of Toronto, ON. Originally from a rural community in West Rural St. Andrew, Jamaica, called Belbo, Trepy has brought his Jamaican prominence to a Canadian audience. As his musical influence grows and the appeal of his happy, light-hearted, easy-to dance jams reaches these new audiences, his music will continue to expand its reach outside Jamaica and to an international audience craving this enthusiasm.

With his lead debut single Just Dance, Trepy fuses his hard Reggae vocals with wonderful, inspirational harmonies telling the world to shed their prejudices, and hatred and join with each other to dance. This reaction Trepy elicits with his audience encourages participation and makes that connection with listeners which is so important for up-and-coming artists looking to build their fan base.

Never Let You Go is a mid-tempo love song that contains a powerful bottom end coupled with syncopated upper register percussion. This groove follows the Dancehall formula while expanding on the possibilities and potential to do more within the confines of the genre. A touching piece that appeals to everyone who has felt yearning and desire, this is complemented by the movement response to get on the dance floor and connect with the chosen subject.

Daddy is a clever narrative that Trepy utilizes to write a touching mournful piece as a message to his father. This is also centered on the theme of Trepy understanding the importance of having a strong father figure in the lives of children, and his pledge to always be there for his children. Once again, the songwriting techniques employed here allow Daddy to connect with his listeners, as they can make this song their own. Incorporating a slow-tempo groove, Daddy connects at the heart, instead of the feet, making this a reactionary piece that can still get your groove on.

Trepy showcases his ability to make music for the party while delivering a provocative message with his single, Tough Without Money. This track highlights Trepy’s ability to freestyle Reggae with ease, as the lyrical phrases shape the dynamic of the melodies and create an inspirational harmony with the chorus samples.

Reflects Trepy with his releases; “I want to share a piece of my culture with you, your friends, and your family. I make dancehall music that makes you happy, that bring you back to the days when all you wanted to do was just enjoy life.”

Please join Kemar Trepair as Trepy, and celebrate the power of Dancehall music on all major streaming services. Connect with Trepy on social media and be part of this journey.




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