Fighter Jet Pin-ups Rock It Out With Debut

‘Right Down in Flames’ Available Now


Peoria, Illinois – February 25, 2020 – Fighter Jet Pin-ups is proving rock and roll is still alive, well, and thriving. A vintage sound with an overall modern feel, their debut ‘Right Down in Flames’ is a must-have for true rock fans out there.

‘Right Down in Flames’ features seven powerful tracks, each one as energized as the last. This 3-piece band out of Illinois put everything out on the table and now it’s time to grab a plate and dig into the likes of “Sign of the Times” and “Lost the Fever.” Void of all the overprocessed rock currently on the airwaves, Fighter Jet Pin-ups takes us back to the days when rock stars stood tall and sang loud.

After giving their all to various cover bands and honing their craft in neon lit corner bars around central Illinois these skilled tradesmen decided to form Fighter Jet Pin-ups a couple of years ago. Personal obstacles fueled by emotions, and countless nights playing in Midwest bars helped push their boundaries both lyrically and musically on their stellar debut rock album.

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Fighter Jet Pin-Ups deliver spirited rock and roll fans of everyone from Tom Petty to Aerosmith could enjoy on their debut, ‘Right Down in Flames.’

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