Foco Brings that Peruvian Charm

foco reviewFoco is a Peruvian artist that lets the heritage shine bright in the music. “Dale Vuelta” is a very upbeat rock song that really plays into the Latin flare. You can hear that influence in it throughout. When Foco made an appearance on Efekto TV that song was performed just as great. I actually didn’t recognize “Hello” as being a cover but it’s a great cover on what I believe is a pan flute (thanks to Modern Family). The video itself is as great as Foco’s rendition – the Vegas backdrop is stunning when you don’t have to endure the heat to experience it. The beat is picked back up with “El Arbolito.” A different kind of flute takes center stage and then here’s that pan flute back in action. The vocals sound like a creamy center to a chocolate treat. If you’re a fan of Peruvian rock and/or just like to take a chance on well done music from around the world – check out Foco now. (