Fusing Elements of Alternative Rock, and Country Music With Punk and Metal – Beloved Singer and Songwriter Ron Hamilton Unveils Ambitious New Album

His seven song studio album titled ‘REMNANTS’ is perhaps his boldest attempt at unifying all of his favorite genres of music thus far.

Concord, CA —  February 22nd, 2022 – Ron Hamilton is a singer and songwriter who has been playing and recording music for 50 years. Ron Hamilton, to the pleasant surprise of his fans, has officially announced the release of his latest seven song studio album titled ‘REMNANTS’. Following up on his critically acclaimed cowboy cover ‘GONE COWBOY’, and a musical play on Hank Williams titled ‘ON THE BAYOU’, Ron has returned to his rock roots for this studio album.

What makes Ron Hamilton an exceptional artist, and relevant to the musical landscape of today is his approach towards music. He is careful to blend in the perfect amount of upbeat energy from punk rock, the perfect amount of serenity and flow from country music, and the perfect amount of electric energy from metal. Combining it all with his soulful lyricism and sophisticated instrumentals gives Ron the perfect framework for yet another work of art.

Ron Hamilton is one of the smartest and most experienced artists in the industry today. He masterfully uses his experience from the days of him being in rock, punk, and metal bands in the San Francisco area (including a rock opera, X-Isles, Rebels and Infidels, and Siamese Triplets) and incorporates their cardinal principles into his songs, and especially into his latest album. Ron also has two other original albums released titled ‘WILDERADO SERENDIP’ and ‘ROUND PEGS AND SQUARE HOLES’, both of which reinforce his status in the world of rock music.

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Ron Hamilton is an accomplished and experienced singer and songwriter who has been playing and recording music for over 50 years. He has been performing solo for the past 25 years, and has made quite the reputation for himself over the years as talented musician. His latest release is a seven song studio album titled ‘REMNANTS’, which is scheduled to be officially released on February 22nd, 2022. Ron Hamilton crafted this album in his studio, where he passionately plays the guitar and bass, and sings while his engineer Byron Allred, of The Steve Miller Band, plays the keys and drum tracks. Ron finds himself coming back to music over and over again, and his latest album is a love letter to the craft he so dearly cherishes.


Ron Hamilton
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