G-Funk Meets Southern Crunk As New American Rap Artist Soco Fa Sho Bursts Onto The Scene With His Style Switching Lyrical Content And Unique Southern Draw, Get Ready…

San Diego, CA — Friday, October 11th, 2019 — Soco Fa Sho is that new artist everybody has been looking for! He’s an OG rapper from the south but living it up on the West Coast. This combination makes for a unique sound and style that the game is in need of Fa Sho. His no-nonsense approach combined with the lyrical content of his flow has these songs standing out not just for the beat, but the beast that’s on them.

Influenced by the late Pimp C, along with Bun B, E-40, Too $hort, Everlast, 8-Ball & MJG, and many more; Soco Fa Sho takes country rap tunes back to his Southern roots. His intelligent wordplay, lyrical content, and vocal individuality are on display in the variety of music released and available on all major music platforms. Soco Fa Sho makes music for every situation, from laid back stress relief songs like Not Caring and High to the hardcore in your face bangers like Prey on a Predator and Hard to Find. He is most notably known, however, for his consistent and unrelenting haters, and his discontent for them as heard on the new single Sunshine. Soco is set to release his newest album Trill Recognize Trill in the fall of 2019.

“Give me a stereotype and I’m tearing it down…” ~Soco Fa Sho Sunshine

“Not tooting my own horn, or patting myself on the back, I’m just showin’ these cats, how that country boy rap!” Soco Fa Sho Dance I Do

Southern Rap mixes with Cali G-Funk to produce music you can dance, ride, or chill to. Soco Fa Sho’s versatility is evidenced by his ability to go from a sensitive love song to a straight-up banger. His music is designed for the listener to relate, whether it be a chill kind of night or the squad is turning up, he has something to bang for every occasion. His sound is the soundtrack to his life, he puts everything into his music. His raw emotions and infectious sound make Soco Fa Sho a one of a kind artist among the heavily saturated status quo. A prodigy of the OG rappers of his time, Soco Fa Sho keeps it more real than the rest and is that breath of fresh air that the game has needed for a minute.

Soco Fa Sho available now on everything, Real recognize Real, Trill recognizes Trill, so bang that Soco and let’s get it!






Soco Fa Sho is an artist with roots in the south but now resides on the west coast. His unique individuality and perspective on life allow Soco Fa Sho to tune into every mood and emotion, with seamless transitions and bring that feeling to the listener.



Soco Fa Sho
515 Roberta Ave

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