G-Rale Gambino Is Making Music Magic With Hip Beats

New Single And Project Are A Wild Ride

Dallas, Texas – August 3, 2020 – Straight from the Lone Star state, Hip Hop artist G-Rale Gambino is making waves with his new music. With his latest single and another upcoming project, G-Rale Gambino is taking over the hip world.

G-Rale Gambino released a single over the summer called “Move!” The song has been streamed over 30 thousand times worldwide, gaining a huge fanbase. The song is the opening move for an upcoming project called 1st Gear. Thi project will focus on the various styles, aspects, and give an insight into G-Rale (for short) as a true musician and lyricist. Listeners will see G-Rale’s creativity shine through. Hip hop lovers will not want to miss this future musical masterpiece.

Music has always been apart of G-Rale Gambino’s life, especially during his years at school. G-Rale would take part in freestyle music battles at the lunch tables or on the buses to football games. G-Rale discovered he had a talent for writing lyrics. At Age 17, G-Rale, and another upcoming artist named Stainless was recognized by West World Wide in South Dallas and continued to rise in stardom with their beats. G-Rale has grown his career, giving himself over to music, and getting his music out on all streaming platforms. G-Rale Gambino will soon be a household name, blasted on the speakers everywhere.

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G-Rale Gambino
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“Move”: https://youtu.be/heNKOFmimpk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yeaah_gambino/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5WoO275wE3QG1yQKMAMda0

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