GANGSTER NEVER SLEEP (GNS) Brings Meaning to the World of Alternative: Mr.EE Set to Soar with Exciting New Releases

With his upcoming release, Holy Spirit featuring Big pass and Dada, eclectic artist Mr. EE is driven to inspire and mesmerize audiences

Accra, lapaz Race Course, Ghana — April 6th, 2022- Alternative music finds its formidable new face in the form of Mr. EE- an artist with a plan and a passion to inspire and motivate. With the release of his stunning upcoming single which features Big Pass and Dada, Mr. EE hopes to cement his place within the music genre.

Standing out amidst other rising names through his vibrant sense of expression, Mr. EE makes listeners feel the mood of each song, sending listeners on a voyage of spirituality and hope. An artist with a vision, Mr. EE remains motivated by love and life, narrating to listeners stories that explore both the good and bad experiences that he has undergone.

Led by a vision to embrace liberty and freedom, the eclectic artist intends to inspire listeners with his craft while also seamlessly cultivating a world that he has faith in. Hoping to never give up on his dreams, Mr. EE’s future plans are to begin his label- ‘GANGSTER NEVER SLEEP (GNS)’ to help discover talent in his country and  the world create a better place to live in.

With a driving aim to help “young Gs find out what G really means”, the rising artist aims to reach new heights, armed with a strong sense of trust within God.

“My first and only song published globally is Desembraga a Fondo which I realized in 2020. I never had the opportunity to share my idea with the world but this time I’m coming up with all my vibes and all those who love good Music…Africa G-funk,” says Mr. EE regarding his musical inspirations.

The artist, although always enthralled by the force of music, never went very far with his music, because he was never motivated enough to promote his musical compositions. However, only after receiving positive affirmation and support from friends and fans, Mr. EE was catalyzed to actualize his own genius.

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Celso Bakale Esonso Esono, better known by his artistic name Mr. EE, was born on June 29, 1994, in Bata, Equatorial Guinea the only country in Africa that speaks Spanish.The talented and gifted singer, songwriter, and record producer has been inspired by endless adoration for music since he was young. Growing up, the dynamic artist used to love dancing, before realizing that he wanted to be a singer. He started writing songs while attending primary school in 2007, which was followed by him recording his first single.

In 2010, coupled with other like-minded friends from the same neighborhood- Colbo Street, Mr. EE created a music band which was called BB4 (Big Birds 4ever). The musical collective grained traction in 2012 with the first concert that they organized in the Spanish Culture Center in the town of Bata- an act that turned out to be a blessing for the up-and-coming artists.


Name: Mr.EE – GNS
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