Gearing Up For New Releases: Presenting to the World Lost Dogg

Working on brand new compositions and getting on board with other talented musicians, emerging artist Lost Dogg is all set to take over the musical world

New Orleans, Louisiana – October 16th, 2021 – Rising artist Lost Dogg is a massive force to be dealt with in the world of music. With years of experience in hand and know-how of almost all elements of music, the artist is well-equipped when it comes to making unique and catchy tunes. In order to grow ever more as an artist, Lost Dogg is all set to release two brand new projects in the coming months this year.

One of the two projects is a full-length album titled ‘The Chronicles of M.Francis’. All set to release around Halloween this year, the album revolves around rich themes of Hip Hop. It has been in the works for quite a while now as Lost Dogg wanted it to be one of his best albums so far. He got into the studio with a bunch of other talented musicians and put his heart and soul into the composition of the album. Lost Dogg brought onboard Donald XL Robertson, a platinum music producer from the industry. Donald and Lost Dogg worked on the songwriting, recording, and production of the entire album, perfecting and polishing every track to the best of their musical capabilities. ‘The Chronicles of M.Francis’ is ready and will be released in a month or so. The second project Lost Dogg has been working on for the past couple of years is an album titled ‘Home of the Slave’. This album was also completed with the help and assistance from Donald XL Robertson and is all set to be released around Thanksgiving this year. Releasing back to back albums for his fans to enjoy during major events and holidays, Lost Dogg is all set to elevate the moods of the listeners and bring joy to their holidays.

Apart from these two albums, the follow up to Land of the Lost is also on its way. Currently, in the works, the project is getting perfected and will be released soon after the release of ‘The Chronicles of M.Francis’ and ‘Home of the Slave’. The original album ‘Land of the Lost’ was released on July 20th, 2020, and is currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms around the world.

The artist is looking forward to continuing his musical journey, making more songs he’s passionate about. He wants to grow as an artist and tour the world, inspiring others along the way.

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Lost Dogg is a mainstream and underground Hip Hop artist. He’s been in the music game for many years now and has worked with a lot of musicians throughout his career.

Finally releasing music on the mainstream, Lost Dogg is taking advantage of the opportunity to release top quality music for all to hear.


Lost Dogg
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