George Thomas’ Big Heart

george thomas reviewGeorge Thomas is a singer songwriter who sings with a lot of conviction, no matter the subject manner. “Crazy In Love” is not a Beyonce cover, but his own take on being so deeply into someone. Thomas’ is more a demure take on the subject. Then we get even more love, only this time amped up with “A Little Bit of Love.” This one has more energy in the music than the last. Then he gets real and I think sings about something everyone has been through in “I Need Someone.” A surprising title to find in this singer songwriter’s catalogue was “Welcome To The Ghetto.” It’s got this funky way and plays it cool. It’s a drastic difference than where we started with George Thomas. It’s refreshing and showcases a different side of that really works out well. So if you like artists who write from the heart but who aren’t afraid to let their hair down once in awhile, check out George Thomas now. (