Get Jinxed With Jinxshame

Get Jinxed With JinxshameWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Made up of two brothers, the group Jinxshame is a rap and hip-hop sensation just bustling with soul and strong, fresh beats. The two brothers are out of Woodland, California, and they give us that familiar California style rap. Their music reminds me of 2Pac if he were on singing in a slower tempo with more effects in his songs.

Their song “Ass A Fee” has a slow beat with a whiney synth bit over it. The lyrics are intense and powerful. Another song worth listening to is called “All The People,” which starts with a quieter, softer-spoken section over a quick and intricate bit of guitar picking. When the beat drops, you can’t help but bob your head up and down as the two brothers chant, “Come join the people.” The lyrics in this song are well written and display a disciplined passion for song-writing. The beat continues as they boys sing about joining together, and then when the bridge drops near the end, the song gets even better. The bridge acts as an outro and leads us out of the song, but it reminds us to join the people and work together.

Other songs by the amazing rap duo Jinxshame are “My Life,” “They Bring Death To Me…” and “Dreams.” The intro to “My Life” begins with an intense verse and a beat littered with snare hits and even bells. That song, along with “They Bring Death to Me…” illustrates Jinxshame’s harder, more street-style music.

If you’ve got a hankering for some new, interesting rap music with some soul and great lyrics, then definitely check out Jinxshame. Get jinxed here: