Getting Soulful with Marc Smith

Marc Smith ReviewMarc Smith is a man from California who sings with his heart and soul.”Give a Girl Love” is classic R&B with soul and romantic feelings strung about. It’s clear that Smith loves to write about the ladies. That’s where we started and that’s where we are again with “Chicago Girl.” What’s great about this one is the energetic intro that hypes you up and then you’re calmed down as soon as the smooth vocals come in to caress your earbuds. We really get a full case of soul with “This Time Around.” It’s like a warm embrace that never ceases to ease up. We’ve been riding a very old school R&B train but switch tracks just a bit with “Do U Like It.” The music and delivery gives it more of a modern feel. We keep that going with “Don’t Even Think About It Twice.” While those who listen more to Luther Vandross than Usher will be into what Smith is dishing out, it’s still got a vibe that could stand on true blue R&B stations out there. If you’re a fan of soul music, check out Marc Smith today. (