Introducing His Brand of Funk in Stunning Style – Stephen Cattouse Infuses His ‘Ouch’ in Latest Album

Music Artist Phrom Hymm Launches New CD’s

Cattouse Records Relaunches in a post pandemic world

April 27, 2022, Chicago, Illinois — Known in the music industry for his unique showmanship performances, and his funky sound, Phrom Hymm (also Stephen Cattouse), is back with Cattouse Records to put on display a wide range of musical styles, including pop, R&B, funk, hip hop, reggae, world music and rock.

The band Phrom Hymm unveiled 2 new albums, ‘FUNKY VIBES’ and ‘NOSTaLGIA’, on April 27th, 2022.  There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback in the past few days. Phrom Hymm is extremely proud of their music and their performances in front of live audiences comprised of die-hard fans.

There are not a lot of notable artists, especially those who are still up and coming, who are blending the genres of funk and world music – “Stephen Cattouse seems to do this effortlessly, so much so that he has become synonymous with the genre”. “What makes his funk music unique, apart from the fact that nobody is doing it like him, is that the prime driver of all of his releases is to instill feelings of love and motivation with the listeners” said the local Artists of Chicago and Mr. Wizard from Wizard Radio.

To sample this newest music please visit: This link will provide you with the opportunity to hear more of Stephen Cattouse’s “ouch” funky vibes and to also  discover his discography.  Use the link to also purchase his albums and to share it with others.

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Stephen Cattouse is an up and coming singer and songwriter who is perhaps the most notable artist in the music industry today who is championing funky rhythms and catchy, uplifting beats. After 2 years of dealing with the virus, his original band unfortunately dismantled, and Stephen had to work with some hand picked musicians he found over on FIVERR.

After recording the first two songs with his new band, it was immediately clear to him that he did an amazing job at picking artists. With young Dan Galleger on bass and guitars from Maryland, Naman Sachdev on drums from India, Margarita Shikhova from Russia and Akin Alade Ogo from Africa on bass, Pedro Arbelae on horns, and second drummer Jimmy Riveros – it was undoubtedly a done deal.


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