Groovy Alternative Music That Syncs With The Heart And Mind: Kali Releases A Hip New Single That Regales Audience.

“Little Black Boy In The Hood” takes the listener on an eccentric journey through the emotional ups and downs of the artist’s own life.

Las Vegas, Nevada —5th November 2022- Kali is a new up-and-coming artist who creates music that tells original in-depth stories. This unique storytelling ability coupled with eccentric and lively musical tunes cement the musician ad a novel and welcome addition to the music industry. This new addition is bound to introduce a fresh new way of thinking in the industry.

Kali specifically uses music to tell stories that come from the parts of towns that no one usually sings about. In tapping into the reality that surrounds him, the musician can showcase a new hidden world to the public. This world is one riddled with all sorts of complicated problems but also deep emotional depth. At times when the media is full of realities that seem seldom relatable, the eclectic artist has created a new sought-after musical world. One that speaks for those that are unspoken off.

“Little Black Boy In The Hood” is a representation of this type of music. This new single comes straight from the heart since it speaks of such truthful and colorful experiences. The aspiring star has managed to create a song that speaks of the tumultuous issues that riddle his life. The song’s encapsulating music puts the audience in a trance that transports them to an alternate reality. This simple transportation ends with the last beat and transforms them forever, inculcating a sense of empathy that extends above and beyond their initial perception.

This song was recorded at Vibe Studios in Vegas, mixed by studio engineer Allen Anthony with mastering done by Chris Athens eventually. Kali does not identify as a gangster rapper but as a musician who extends beyond that troupe. His artistic motivation was Linkin Park with he eventually picking on his musical style as a core inspiration for his own. The aspiring artist simply wishes to use his music as a mode of spreading his message to the maximum audience.

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Kali grows up in Long Beach with Snoop Dogg. This background has given him immense motivation to be successful. The drive to be the best in music is what pushes him to continuously produce music that has an edge over all others. This is also what allows the musicians to wholeheartedly relay the message that inspires them the most without being held back at all.

The songwriter’s musical mission has gained new heights since he has been diagnosed this past year with a possible terminal ailment.  This has helped Kali re-calibrate the message that he wants to give to the world. He wants to give the world my vocal and musical message on the way out. The singer has no elaborate plans, just a commitment to live in the moment until they come to “take me home” in his own words.



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