Head Fake Drops New Single

Twisted more than a piece of taffy prior to hitting the candy store shelves, there’s no keeping up with the groove in “Sucker For Your Ways” unless you’re one of the adept players in Head Fake, the amazing indie rock syndicate responsible for the single and music video’s existence this month. “Sucker For Your Ways” jumps out of the speakers on the back of a sonic wave comprised equally of funky beats and noise-pop style discord, and if you’re able to resist its hypnotic sway, you’re definitely not much of a music fan. For Head Fake, 2020 is a year of evolution, and they’re exhibiting as much in this track. 

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Lyrically speaking, I appreciate the band’s decision to keep it sweet and simple with the structure and design of the verses here, specifically because of how complicated the instrumental arrangement is in the background. It would be easy to overwhelm the audience with all of the action taking place in this mix to begin with, but by staying disciplined when they were hammering out all of the intricacies for this song in the recording studio, Head Fake set themselves apart from a lot of their less than mature contemporaries in the American underground. 


Overall the master mix in this single is awfully brawny for mainstream consumption, but I don’t think the band were looking for radio play with the release of “Sucker For Your Ways” exclusively. The rhythm suggests a nightclub destination more than the FM dial, while the video for the track is embedded in artsy indie aesthetics that allude to brainy ambitions for Head Fake in the near future. Plasticity isn’t in the recipe this group employs in their creation of magic in this song, and thus, mainstream trends had no influence over the final product at all whatsoever. 

Though not exactly a throwback, Head Fake’s new single is retro in all the right ways, and perhaps one of the only old school singles I would describe as provocative enough to put in the ‘Best of September’ category. It was an interesting summer for indie rock in general, but as we enter the fall season, it’s starting to feel like the underground artists keeping the genre alive are going to control the narrative more than any label – or critics, for that matter – would ever be able to on their own. That’s good for Head Fake, and moreover, it’s great for the listeners. 

Zachary Rush