Heartbreak Hitmaker, Iz It Real This Time ?

Fontana, California — The Black Flash picks up the mic to express it’s okay to be heartbroken at times. Throughout the course of life melodies speak for themselves, just listen.

Juggling multiple tasks, being denied or doubted by others gets overwhelming and draining. With due time, Everything must come to an end even pain and sadness. Seek out those who love, care, and most important believe in the journey not destination.

“It is very possible to have villain tendencies, and still be the hero.” Put on for the town, make the whole family proud.

In reality, by trying to catch up with or outrun time, eventually time runs out. Embrace and soak in what is going on now. Second chances are real, not guaranteed. Be ready when the time comes to outshine the sun.

Listen with the heart not ears, sometimes the things not seen are easier to believe. That is the only way to determine if it iz real this time.

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Model, Musician, Athlete, & Actor residing within the Inland Empire circle. DMC3 implementing West & East coast rapping styles to create his debut EP.


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