Lion-earth has Entered the Alternative Rock Music World with a Debut Album that is a Force to be Reckoned With

With his rich and unparalleled musical compositions that reflect the authentic spirit of alternative rock music and the grace and aesthetic of Tasmania, Richard Evetts is a rising new sensation who is set to headline charts in the near future

Wynyard, Tasmania – January 8th, 2021 – Taking the musical world of Alternative Rock by storm, Lion-earth has released a debut album which fully encapsulates the spirit and roots of the rock and Indie music genres. Australia is known to have produced a trove of treasures of the indie and alternative genre, and this superb new addition builds upon this legacy. Evetts is a splendid master of indie music and is determined and motivated to produce tracks that are soulful and representative of his life, pressing struggles, beautiful musical experiences and heart-rending lessons that he has learnt throughout the year of 2020 with the upcoming iconic album titled “Pandemia”.

While 2020 has been overall, a dark and melancholic year which has been rift with forlorn instances, Wynyard Tasmania’s rising new artist has produced a debut album titled “Pandemia” that spins the times of sadness and desolation into beautiful music with his soulful tracks and compositions. With his own characteristic, genre-defying voice and Gothic spirit, Evetts’ upcoming album will be an ode to the year passed and a ray of hope for all those looking for motivation and support following the testing, trying times of 2020. This pandemic-themed album will appeal to audiences worldwide looking for some semblance of hope, anticipation, and peace as it resonates with indie and rock fans around the globe. Eclectic and unique, this rich, evocative and organic album from Lion-earth will provide an emotive and heartfelt experience for all audiences in this dramatic and heart-wrenching year.


Based in North-West Tasmania Australia, Lion-earth’s creator Richard Evetts is also known by his other name- Ricardo. Evetts is an up-and-coming, talented powerhouse who works as a covid-19 nurse and has been a local musical identity for over two decades. Lion-earths production under the talented helm of Evetts provides a unique, eclectic, and genre-defying musical experience, that is cohesive around the key concept of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lion-earth’s debut album ‘Pandemia’ was recorded at the iconic “Do u speak Inglis?” studio in Wynyard and in the characteristic and remote Elliott farmhouse in the state of Tasmania, which itself became a source of inspiration and magic. Teaming up with Producer and multi-instrumentalist Aardus Varkius and percussionist, vocalist and songwriter Dave Mason (The Real). Lion-earth delivers epic tunes with epic themes. Pandemia by Lion-earth was released on 24th December 2020 and is set to enthral audiences worldwide with its dark alternative themes cantered around the COVID-19 pandemic. With Pandemia; Lion-earth are setting their sights on greater success.


Name: Richard Evetts
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