Heartfelt and Poignant Lyricism meets soulful Acoustic Arrangement: Up-and-Coming Artist Kid Prexy Enthralls All

A 14-year-old artist who is sending ripples in the world of music, Kid Prexy is driven to capture the spirit of first love with his new track- “Stay Away”

Edmond, Oklahoma — April 1st, 2022-Few artists can stirringly capture the spirit of Alternative, Rock, Hip-Hip and Pop-rooted genres. One such name is budding 14-year-old singer, songwriter, and guitarist Kid Prexy, who showcases a mesmerizing mix of rhythms and vocals with his very first music video for his popular single, “Stay Away”.

Set against the backdrop of an Acoustic vibe, “Stay Away” features bass, drums, and guitar alongside passionate and profound lyricism, exploring the intensity of emotions and the troubles of first love. A vibrant addition to the world of contemporary Pop, Hip-Hop and Acoustic music, “Stay Away” forms the fifth release by artist, Kid Prexy. The track’s music video has been directed by popular Hip Hop music video director, Keaton Jones of Dorm Room Entertainment.

The artist remains inspired by a heart-rending breakup which resulted in a number of stirring songs as part of his “Broken Promises EP”. These include the tracks “Lost in Space”, “Planets”, “I Don’t Care” and “Future”.

The artist’s next EP, ‘Lights in the Forest’ continues his characteristic style, building on a lighter feel with use of acoustic guitar and a distinct Alternative and Pop sound. “Raindrops” encompasses listeners with an acoustic guitar track, underscoring the raw and intimate feelings of a relationship that ended sooner than you thought it would.

Meanwhile, “Pink Blossom Tree” is a ukulele track which builds onto the hopeful and ebullient feeling of being in a healthy relationship. Fans of the artist’s music count Kid Prexy’s compositions as an empowering source of closure during despondent times.

Kid Prexy hopes to explore the Pop Punk and Alternative Rock genres for his third original EP to showcase his guitar and singing skills. He is a big fan of Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, and has done many of their songs as covers, and plans to write his own original songs in that style for his next project.

“[Kid Prexy] takes influence from the alternative emo-leaning rap scene that was popularized by the initial wave of SoundCloud artists while putting his own spin on it and his charisma and angst appeal to much of his steadily growing youthful audience,” says Lyrical Lemonade regarding the growing artist.

Stream Kid Prexy’s newest release, “Stay Away” and watch the music video on YouTube. Listen to the artist’s music on Spotify, follow him on social media and contact through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




Kid Prexy is a talented powerhouse who is making a name for himself in contemporary Pop, Hip-Hop, and Acoustic music. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, the 14-year-old prodigy grew up and lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. Kid Prexy has been playing guitar, drums and singing in the School of Rock band since he was 8 years old and has performed many live concerts in different music genres such as alternative, pop, rock, punk, grunge & blues.

The promising artist recorded his first EP, “Broken Promises” at 13 years old at 33rd Street Studio in Edmond, exuding an emo Rap and smooth melancholic style, inspired by the likes of Juice Wrld, Post Malone, Kid Laroi, Lil Peep & Machine Gun Kelly. He started recording songs for his next EP: “Lights in the Forest” in December 2021, and recorded 3 new songs: “Raindrops”, which was co-produced by Cody Hanson, the founder and drummer of the multi-platinum selling rock band Hinder, and “Pink Blossom Tree” and “The Note I Wrote”, which were both recorded at Castle Row Studios in Oklahoma City, for his next 6-track-EP: ‘Lights in the Forest’.


Kid Prexy
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