Hendy Premieres Emotional Ballad With “Emerald” Music Video

Des Moines, Iowa — Friday, July 17th, 2020Midwest singer, rapper, and producer Hendy premiered his latest single “Emerald” earlier today with a narrative music video to accompany it. Since releasing his debut 6-track E.P. “Conversations With Nobody” back in January of this year, Hendy has laid relatively low in terms of music to focus on improving his craft. Emerald displays the kind of growth that both Hendy and his fans were hoping for with his knack for storytelling and writing catchy hooks.

Sonically speaking, Emerald seems to glide like a boat on glassy water. While Hendy is known more for his ability to rap than sing, his latest single taps into a more vulnerable side and utilizes mesmerizing, drawn-out harmonies that put the listener in a tropical-like utopia. The lyrical content paints a story of love with elements that are both somber and redemptive. When asked about it, Hendy stated, “This song deals with the blend of emotions that one feels when they miss that certain person, place, or thing that is no longer active in their life. More specifically, Emerald deals with the inability to shake the thought of someone or something that you obsessively love.”

The music video, which was shot and directed by Chase Stine Media, complements the song by employing heavy symbolism throughout the nearly 4-minute masterpiece. Viewers are shown two different versions of Hendy on separate chronological journeys within the same location. The two characters differ in things like clothing, physical mannerisms, and contradicting objectives to highlight the beauty and the struggle that the lyrics of the song showcase.

Hendy and his team are set to have an extremely busy rest of the summer. With new singles, videos, and merchandise already in motion to follow up Emerald, listeners, and fans can expect their fair share of creative items coming their way over the upcoming weeks and months.

Visit Hendy’s YouTube channel to watch the Emerald music video and subscribe to his channel to stay up to date with new music videos and sketches coming down the line.

Emerald Music Video


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Hendy is a Midwest-based rapper, singer, producer, actor, and writer who’s sound is composed of catchy anthems and introspective, conscious lyricism. His debut E.P. “Conversations With Nobody” was released on January 5th, 2020 across all major streaming platforms and has gathered tens of thousands of listens. His music contains elements of west coast hip-hop, uptempo r&b, and contemporary pop.



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