“Hero”- Max Cash’s Heartening and Inspirational Pop Track Uplifts Every Listener’s Spirits

A track that elevates audiences with a renewed and invigorating perspective, “Hero” is a marvelous new record by Max Cash featuring Bijai

Las Vegas, NV — July 7th, 2022 – Sensory, soulful, and dulcet, “Hero” is a beautiful new release by budding singer-songwriter, Max Cash. The new track displays dreamy chords which have been masterfully sung by rising artist Bijai. Bijai’s vocals are a fitting balance to Max Cash’s characteristic high notes, making for a joyous and optimistic musical backdrop.

Hero” opens with Max Cash delivery a high note of positivity and optimism which is marked by a distinct upward curve, moving, and magnetizing all audiences. Progressively, the single draws listeners to the hook- “let me be your superman”, delivering an easy to follow, feel good melody which everyone will find a delight to sing along to.

The new single dropped on April 4th, 2022, and manifests a refreshing, new message which is ever important in the contemporary urban music scene. With beats and instrumentals produced by G-Mo, and musical arrangement by Max Cash himself, “Hero” is a hit new supplement, ushering a new age in the artist’s musical voyage.

“Hero” has been recorded by Letting Off Studios and takes listeners through a thoroughly emotional experience. Listening to “Hero” audiences are bound to experience a feel-good vibe, and the reassurance that being with someone is still possible. The new track’s personal inspirations offer a unique outlook into the artist’s minds.

“Hero” was penned down in part because Bijai has always felt like he was his mom’s hero and similarly, Max Cash has continually persevered to be his wife’s hero. The new track is the second collaboration between dynamic singer-songwriters Bijai and Max Cash, after their previous stunning release- “Rollin Down the Ave”.

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A prolific Pop and Soul musical act, Max Cash grew up in Los Angeles County, California, calling the idyllic city of Long Beach his home. Growing up on the lower east side, Max Cash was renowned in the city of Long Beach, owing to his several close and enduring affiliations throughout the Long Beach school system and street free style scenes.

As a young child, Max Cash confronted the unique life challenges of growing up with a devoted single mother. Growing up, a lot of his time was spent hovering around the popular 7th Street which forms the very heart of Long Beach. The talented artist’s mother remarried where Max Cash was exposed to the underbelly pipeline from Colorado to Texas, and soon after returning to his hometown of Long Beach, his musical fate transformed. Max began to record his empire and mega catalogue, beginning a newfound professional journey with music.


Max Cash
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