Music That Comes Straight From The Heart: B Wise Releases a Hit New Single That Syncs with the Beats of One’s Own Heart.

“Loyalty” is the new hip-hop and rap track that is a new fresh addition to the consortium of rap music that already exists.

Detroit, Michigan — July 8th, 2022- B Wise is a new up-and-coming artist who creates music that comes from the most important place in everyone’s life-home. The eclectic musician prides himself on creating a collection of music that speaks volumes in lyrical depth and musical tunes. This music acts as a new fresh wave of innovation to a music industry that seeped into redundancy. Perhaps, it is for this reason that B Wise stands as a more than welcome addition to the already present plethora of rap stars.

The rising star wishes to use his passion for music as a gateway for other young rappers as well; a way to encourage them to let their inner voices free. It is this infusion of liberation and nostalgia that the musician mentions in his music as well. B Wise believes that rap has the unique ability to be able to translate emotions into words with an intensity that audiences can relate to. It is this intensity that provides allures many to this music.

“Loyalty”, produced by L Dubb and directed by Maxx Pain, is the newest hit single produced by B Wise that simply speaks of the need for loyalty in today’s world. The singer’s innovative use of rhyme and rhythm relay the small but strong narrative of the need for trust in times when there seems to be nothing but materialism and falsehood in emotions. B Wise uses smart wordplay to ask for faithfulness and love in return for his love. It is these types of single that help show the true power in the message that is being relayed to the masses. This distinctive rap single does not boast of money and fame at the expense of safety and truth.

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Born in Benton Harbor in Michigan B Wise was raised in Detroit from the tender age of five. The artist’s residence at Joy Road housed some of the fondest memories that he had and helped form the backdrop of the musical dream that he wishes to accomplish. The young star remains indebted to several talented artists such as Tee Grizzly, Baby Face, Big Sean, Drego, and Beno that opened doors for the realization of his musical dream.

B Wise has been involved in the music-making process for the last two years starting in a group called the Young Brothers which produced the single “situations” that gained much notoriety. This hit single got them signed to Top Dogg records making Kid Rock their producer. They then produced many songs and were even featured in one called APB. It is from this time onwards that the singer has worked tirelessly to produce music that inspires. The last ten years have been a constant toil for this goal.


B Wise
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