Hip Hop / Rap New Age Artist Releases A New Album

Pat Phinney releases his first children-friendly music track yet

Boston, Massachusetts  –   April 20th, 2021  –  Musician Pat Phinney is all set to drop his latest track, “Phinney’s Modern Life.” This single is the second song of his second album to date. To be released in 2021, this track is expected to be the hottest track yet from the performer. Interestingly enough, Phinney has not used any explicit language to express himself in this song, considering that all his previous compositions are not children-friendly.

A complete 180-degree shift from the artist’s usual style, Phinney has tried to explore music out of his usual rap strengths and has been quite successful. The new song is intended to be a tribute to the cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life. The artist has already received a lot of positive responses on his latest drop; it is expected that his listeners will love it. Phinney’s musical content, in general, is heavily focused on the lyrics, with a lot of catchy wordplay going on. Listeners will like the lyrical diversity and delivery of this artist.

Phinney is inspired by life around him as it unfolds and bases his music on his keen observation skills. Empathetic to the plight of others, and especially in contemporary uncertainty, he wishes his music to be a beacon of hope for everyone. Phinney also incorporates personal favorites such as the cartoons he is fond of.

The young artist plans on producing music professionally in the future for his listeners. Having started his music journey not too long ago, Phinney is on the fast track to gaining musical stardom.

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Artist Pat Phinney has some major plans for his music and is determined to make sure all of them come to fruition. Having started his musical career in 2019, Pat Phinney is a rap musician who has released several tracks and two studio albums up till now.




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