Hunter Dane Hits The Mark With “SHOT IN THE DARK” 

Hunter Dane Hits The Mark With “SHOT IN THE DARK” 

New Hip Hop Single Available July 3, 2020 


San Bruno, California – June 25, 2020 – To have one’s heart broken is one of the worst emotional pains a person can go through, so oftentimes we try and avoid as best we can. The California-based rapper took that idea, crafted a world around it, and will soon deliver it to the world on July 3, 2020, when he drops “SHOT IN THE DARK.” 

Hunter Dane’s upcoming single tells the tale of a guy who is scared to fall in love, scared of the heartbreak that could come if the girl on the other side of his affection leaves him. The story, layered, starts to unravel as the track progresses and in no time we learn the guy who is so scared to have his heart broken by another often lies about how he feels to avoid love altogether. It’s an interesting concept, one explored throughout pop culture many times but this version comes with slick rhymes and beats that construct a hip hop soundscape in which Hunter Dane is reinventing his sound. 

Hunter Danes is somewhat of an enigma in the reality of rap and R&B. He’s soulful, emotional but also raw as can be. Personal touches are found in all he does and that has been the case since dropping his debut, ‘Gone Mad.,’ in 2018. Since then he’s been featured on 61.1 FM iHeartRadio, performed alongside Skipper of HBK Gang, and dropped another LP, a cascade of singles, as well as an EP in 2020. ‘THE LOVE TAPE’ was a special R&B treat for fans for Valentine’s Day this year, but now he’s switching gears and focusing on the release of “SHOT IN THE DARK” this July. 

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