Hybrid Death Metallers Requiem For Oblivion Set To Drop New Pandemic Angst, Desolate Winter Wasteland Inspired Singles.

Erie, PA — Hybrid death metal group Requiem For Oblivion is proud to announce the upcoming release of several new singles coming out starting in May, 2022. The band has written so many songs during the past two years of isolation and media frenzy, that they cannot keep up in the studio.

The new songs show the band’s versatility and mastery of the tech-death, slam, and atmospheric metal style it’s become known for. To be released on the official YouTube (and other streaming platforms like Spotify, Bandcamp, etc), starting in May, are new singles: RuiNation, Eye Of The Deceiver, The Glares, The Veil, and Chaotic Earth, Quiet Mind (in no particular order).

Founder and guitarist Steve Jacobson and drummer Mike Scutella make up the creative core of Requiem For Oblivion and have forged a heavy artistic connection that’s led to a level of songwriting consistency and inventiveness that hits harder than anything the band has ever done. With the addition of new bassist, Braden Ryan, their sound now has an even bigger seismic effect on anyone in the vicinity. The message behind the band over the years has always centered around founder Steve’s struggles with addiction and mental illness and the hope of recovery. As the band evolves, so do the lyrical themes to embrace more global and spiritual topics.

Influences range from Rush to Megadeth to Fallujah. If you placed Suffocation, Gojira, Beyond Creation, Gorod, Obscura, Morbid Angel, BTBAM, Fallujah, Alkaloid, Cynic, Hour Of Penance, Augury, Devourment, and Blood Incantation in a blender you’d get something like RFO. The band aims for brutal and heavy with just a sprinkling of melancholy melodies.

Based in Erie, Pennsylvania, RFO has appeared at countless festivals and venues over the last nine years and have built up a catalog of recordings that includes EP2011, EP2013, Dark Tales Of Forgotten Mindscapes, Burning Nation and last year’s Hindsight 2020. The singles will be followed later in 2022 or early 2023 by the upcoming full-length record Amidst Chaotic Earth.

Visit the band on Facebook, Instagram and their other social media pages to keep up with news, live clips and new releases. Also, head to the BandCamp page to name your price on any older releases.







RFO, was founded in 2010 by Steve Jacobson a veteran of the Sacramento, CA metal scene. The band has been considered ‘hybrid’ death metal because of all the various influences and manifestations of the music. A little progressive, mixed with tech death, slam and atmosphere, the songs take listeners down many roads. One could say there are songs within songs. Steve usually reaches for different themes lyrically, such as addiction and recovery and hope for those suffering from mental illness and oppression.



Requiem For Oblivion
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