Rich and Enigmatic Fusions of Reggae, R&B, Classical, and Soul: SolÅce Amazes with Brilliant New Single

Having released a captivating new fusion track, “HolØgram”, SolÅce displays a formidable mix, that traverses the genres of R&B and Dancehall music.

Chicago, IL — March 28th, 2022 — Eclectic singer-songwriter SolÅce stuns yet again with his enriching new R&B and Dancehall single, “HolOgram”, which is slated for release on March 28th, 2022. Rife with a range of exciting and soul-stirring genres, the new track has been penned and produced by the Chicago-based artist SolÅce.

HolOgram” features the dynamism and musical spirit of singer-songwriter SolÅce, who helmed over production for the very first time, joined by London-based, Jamaican-born rapper and singer Raggozulurebel.

A captivating and compelling release, “HolOgram” is bound to draw listeners into a destination in which anything is musically possible: Reggae can meet R&B, Classical can be combined with soul music, and electronica can be fused with opera.

A standout amidst several rising names, SolÅce grew up being classically piano trained, adopting Caribbean, Soul, Jazz, and Gospel influences from his youth within the Chicago and Atlanta regions.

Weaving stunning musical elements into an intricate tapestry that is both unique and sonically accessible, SolÅce delivers resonant emotional vocals, set against poignant lyrical delivery. The artist remains inspired by a desire to entertain and provide the listener with one of their most pleasurable experiences. He also counts icons such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, the Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, Bob Marley, Taylor Swift, and others among those who helped him pave the way towards success.

In the immediate term, SolÅce looks to release an 8-track EP or album by the end of this year. He also hopes to start a national tour of the US to promote his ever-expanding musical repertoire, while showing off his fiery stage presence and love of music and entertainment.

SolÅce is currently engrossed in a new project with a Texas-based producer to record his next singles “Attitude” and “Doing It W3LL,” which will feature an up-and-coming Chicago-based female rapper. He will also be performing at the online Peach Music Festival and fielding interviews at various local and regional radio stations.

Visit SolÅce’s website to stream and save his new single, “OP3RATOR” as well as other new singles. Contact him through email for interviews or to collaborate with the artist, while learning about all the exciting news of this future star.




SolÅce is a rising act in the world of Reggae, R&B, and Classical music, composing tracks that cover a range of diverse genres. The artist’s love for music began at the age of 6 when he started to take classical piano lessons. After graduating with 186 recorded songs under his belt, talent show success with his original material, and an appearance as a Super Bowl half-time show dancer, he knew he had to pursue a career in music.

With several formidable feats such as bagging the R&B Performer of the Session at the New York International Music Festival, performing in Las Vegas and New York City, and receiving semi-finalist distinction at the US Songwriting Competition, SolÅce is a true phenomenon. He has also toured nationally as a keyboardist with two reggae bands and has seen his songs appear in three independent movie soundtracks. The artist looks forward to listeners joining him on his musical journey.


Name: SolÅce
Address: 1954 1st Street, Suite 381, Chicago, IL
Email: [email protected]




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