L.A. Davis

L.A. Davis

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Singer/songwriter L.A. Davis was born in the bustle and commune of London’s East End. His spirit and determination to succeed come from an overwhelming ability to understand life from a lesser advantaged view point. As a true ‘Cockney’ Londoner, he centers his lyrics right from the heart…. ‘….it really doesn’t matter what a melody sounds like, if the words aren’t true then listeners are less likely to buy into the ethic of a song.’ he says. Being raised and brought up in London proves to be a true inspiration for this artist, his gravely, yet smoky quality to his voice provides the key distinction between his musical counterpart’s.

Above is unfortunately all to be currently found on this artist, so getting right to the songs, the CD’s kick off track is the title track, Change, and it wasted no time in blowing me away. You can clearly hear this London accent and it makes his voice soulful in a sassy way. The female vocals are equally awesome and should be noted for their presence. Very operatic style which goes so well with his voice it’s uncanny. That is one fantastic opener, so naturally it sets up yet another mindblower with the strangely titled 10 Round With Tyson. I’ve never heard anything quite like this but I’m instantly hooked. I’m not even sure what it’s about, but it can easily charm a thousand dancers. Then an acoustic takes over on Set me On Fire, and after thinking that would be hard to follow, they come back with another killer track. You start to wonder if there is any filler on this, and you go onto find not one note of such. For some reason this song reminds of Allison Moyer of Yaz, both singers resembling her vocal delivery. Ammunition is yet another romper, a very intricate number with a lot of vocal appeal from Davis, who’s on again about scrapping over love. This one is heavy on the electro-pop side, as opposed to the acoustic dabbling. Track 5 is Lessons I’ve Learnt, a good ballad, but it loses some spark here, although well written and performed. Behind Closed Doors and Timewasters seem to fly by with the latter being the better of the two. But these again are both smart, sexy and gritty at the same time. The disc closes with 365 and keeps the business hot to trot, it’s a classy yet incendiary release which deserves a lot of exposure, as I’d never heard L.A before. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be coming back for more from him.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/everything-changed/id967656206

Scott Prinzing

Score: 9/10