Dying Seed and Trees Warwick Team Up

DYING SEED AND TREES WARWICK ReviewWhen the woman behind DYING SEED AND TREES WARWICK isn’t writing a book series, she’s writing music that’s resonant to the best of the ‘90s. She is the Tress Warwick and Dying Seed is the man behind the music and vocals. “Beyond Her Daughter’s Eyes” is a great song for those who love acoustic guitar. You can hear the heart in every string that’s plucked. What is also notable here is that the vocals sound like they came from a rock background and are mellowed down here to bring forth an acoustic gem that is reminiscent of ‘90s alternative. With “Sorrows of the Past” that rock mentality is swept away. While you can hear that it’s the same person, the tone of everything has switched and the vocalist heard here is a bit more sensitive and less aggressive in his delivery. Last up is “Full Steam Ahead” and the rock is back. Really though, you could hear this alongside bands like Eve 6 back in the day and today. As for what’s the best of the bunch. They each bring something different to the table but “Full Steam Ahead” has more of a melody that allows it to be a bit more mainstream than the others. If you’re a fan of bands like Eve 6, check out DYING SEED AND TREES WARWICK today. (https://soundcloud.com/teresa-warwick)